Impermanence Beyond the Panorama January 8, 2023


indian poetry

It was only a matter of days

That scattered into light rays – 

But this time, the light had consumed it’s worth,

And given birth,

To manipulation and influence,

And dawned affluence. 

In the sense of being the master mind as they say,

So they could make merry and play,

The hearts of the worthy,

To forget all courtesy. 

There was dread, disturbance,

That had created nuisance,

Peace of mind was left astray,

Into bits and shreds of paper on the way. 

I knew it was coming,

Somehow I refused to believe a thing,

But the moment it happened,

I was maddened – 

By the hysterical moments that took place,

That didn’t leave any solace. 

So you think you won,

And feel that you can run,

Away from the mischief

Caused by your tongue that was twisted. 

I don’t care for any of it,

But it was saddening to see what blindness can spit. 

I realize again and again,

That permanence –

Is just a word that is only written,

We can be smitten,

By worldly sweetness,

But at the end of this harness,

Lie the permeable demarcations,

That can destroy newly built foundations.

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Aanya Mehta
Aanya Mehta

Apart from reviewing books and movies, Aanya also pens down her thoughts through poems and short stories. 

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