In My Own Quiet Way Beyond the Panorama April 12, 2021

In My Own Quiet Way

Written by Snehal Pandey

I’m not the kind who will look at you 

Every time you wander by 

Or weep when you were gone for just a day,

But still in all my dear I really love you 

In my own quiet way. 

I may not always show that I care 

I confess, I have no talent 

For saying and doing all the things that lovers say

But still in all my darling I adore you in my own quiet way.

I admit I’m absent-minded and forgetful

I admit, I am poles apart from you

There are times when I am likely to be irritated or will pick the most unlikely moments to be shy & quiet.

But with all my faults you’ll find me as the true and steady kind.

And there’s no lie, believe me when I say,

Deep down inside I know that I always love you,

In my own quiet way. 

Snehal Pandey
Snehal Pandey

Snehal loves to write stories that convey a message, and poetry that touches your heart and reaches your soul.

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