In the Hopes of a New Beginning | Shafeeda Beyond the Panorama December 24, 2020

In the Hopes of a New Beginning | Shafeeda

I sat still under kaleidoscopic

vision of daybreaks,

counting memoirs

forming and fading,

as snowflakes

encapsulated my withered bones

in a cold embrace.

December had its own way of

choosing glitter and melodies

in richest monochrome,

as winter chill froze time

in a golden bow.

distant echoes of laughter

and roasting peanuts

paints a ghost of a smile

upon farfetched faces

while Christmas Carol

hung in the air like mistletoes.

I sit still,

underneath wandering cumulus clouds

watching how metaphorically

they paint pictures of ecstasy;

I bleed darkness

in tufts of wound up cotton balls

and watch them glide like tumbleweed.

bulbs of hope

sprouts from horizon

in elegant tendrils of amber ooze;

and I,

wash my hands

in promise of a new dawn.

Written by Shafeeda

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