In These Concrete Jungles Beyond the Panorama November 9, 2020

In These Concrete Jungles

By Mihika Agrawal 

In these concrete jungles

In these empty parking lots

I stand beneath solid concrete trees.

The world seems to flicker and fade

As they tower above me.

Inside these little artificial worlds

In static life we exist

We float between our struggles

And this empty make-do bliss.

I am surrounded by fiery red eyes

There’s a stutter in my teeth

The air around me seems to cry

And I wonder why I can’t breathe.

Inside these plastic places

Wasted withering we stand

There’s no life on our faces

But neon lights our land.

In these eerie alleys

I walk through to home

Only to switch on the lights

And find everybody gone.

In these concrete jungles

Writhing wilting we fear

We pass by eternity

Thinking our end is near.

Mihika Agrawal
Mihika Agrawal

Mihika expresses her creativity through poetry, storytelling, and reviews on books and movies. 

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