Ink and Blood Beyond the Panorama September 14, 2020

Ink and Blood

My favourite pastime

I must say

Is watching people

As they go by their way

And I find them like books

Stories I haven’t read

So I’ll assume all I can

And make mine instead

I’ll read the lines

Drawn upon their face

I’ll feel their worries

See the dreams they chase

I’ll admire their smile

How it personifies the rain

I’ll notice how their shiny eyes

Are synonymous to pain

I’ll weave around with words

A story to their name

But I’ve learned something irrevocable

Playing this game

People are multidimensional

More than just assumptions and labels

And we must remember this

As we fabricate our fables

 Because no matter how many stories we write with ink

No matter how many stories we create in our brains

We will never be able to overwrite the one

Already written with the blood that flows in their veins.

“It’s possible that all labels are curses. Unless they on cleaning products. Because in my opinion, it’s not really a great idea to see people as one thing. Every person has a lot of ingredients to make them into what is always a one of a kind creation. We are imperfect genetic stews.”

– “Counting by 7s” by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

Mihika Agrawal
Mihika Agrawal

Mihika expresses her creativity through poetry, storytelling, and reviews on books and movies.

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