Inspiration Without a Cost Beyond the Panorama January 15, 2021

Inspiration Without a Cost

Written by Kay

Fogged up room in my mind
I try to look for words, and I feel like I’m blind 

Tripping and falling, always left behind
The corpse uninspired Queen of the night 

I had some coffee
That I dislike
Thought it could help me stay wide awake

I still felt dead,
With no one by my side. 

Void of the outer space waiting to be filled
I write my story
On a blank paper with ink 

The words that came purging like the volcanic mist 

It kept urging
For me to fill in
The space everywhere
I like filling the hollow
With my imagination and dreams that I follow. 


A lover of all things travel, Kay pens down her inspiring thoughts through storytelling and poetry.

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