It’s a Letter, It’s a Plea Beyond the Panorama March 3, 2021

It’s a Letter, It’s a Plea

Written by Kay

It’s a letter, a plea

To you my dear

I wish, I wish

To let you know my dear 

The world is a vast place 

No denying

It gets painful

But it also heals with time

Please, my love

Don’t compare yourself to them

They are being, whilst you are a gem

If you look closely up in the sky

You’ll see the stars are you

Just twinkling. 

It’s a letter, a plea

Love yourself first before anything

It’s a letter, 

It’s a letter

Take my love and run,

Run away with it

Keep it until it has fully become yours for yourself 

Free it when you can love your body

Your mind, your heart

For I’m in love with your soul.


A lover of all things travel, Kay pens down her inspiring thoughts through storytelling and poetry.

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