June Has Come And Gone Again Beyond the Panorama November 5, 2021

June Has Come And Gone Again

Written by Tathagata Banerjee

Soft fingers and whispered sweet nothings

Have painted the melancholic city neon green. 

My mixed metaphors have built houses of cards every day,

Easy distractions and somnambulist murmurs will outlive us all

In deserted narrative of silent stories,

I’ve walked away from diminishing returns, 

Like a war hero or a pathetic coward – which one, I never know

On the other side of my unfinished manuscript

Nicknames have lost meanings every single time.

Tip-toe narratives of deadly disasters touched the canvas white

A nameless crowd has always known homebound roads. 

I’ve walked on eggshells in minefields for so long

Stranger last names have taken long-winded detours,

To turn back into strangers again,

And I’ve run away from everyone, always

I’ve been running since time immemorial

Inflicting pain is all I’ve known, always… on everyone… and me…

Grand narratives that smelled like sunshine have always

Been lost in my narrative…

June similes haunt farewell letters

Syllables of Shakespearean time…

Mellow midnight names have known a thing or two

About poetic hurts and paper thin pretensions;

Tearing down always needs some tearing up, it seems

And in nameless, faceless oblivion

June has come and gone again, 

Silent – like a love letter that 

I’ve failed to write or missed to receive.

Tathagata Banerjee
Tathagata Banerjee

A lover of poetry and short stories, Tathagata also writes sports related articles and reviews on books and movies. 

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