Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies…. Beyond the Panorama June 4, 2022

Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies….

Short Stories

“Turn down the music!” Tia screamed, aggressively knocking on her neighbor’s door. She thought he was obnoxious and crazy, and they exchanged more heated words and glares than they did neighborly pies and cookies. 

“I’ll turn it off when you move out!” Came Aryan’s reply. Tia groaned and shut her door, loud enough to make a point. She cranked up the volume to her own music, a pair of state-of-the-art speakers that even the old lady downstairs could hear. 

This is how their weekends usually went. Today was music, but the arguments are always colored with different genres: the smell of your food is stinking up my house, your stupid mail is in my box again, and tell your friends to stop talking so loudly! 

Their relationship could be considered funny by outsiders. This weekend was all hurls and abuses, but the next, when Tia’s raspy coughs and sneezes could be heard all the way to Aryan’s bedroom, he would leave a bowl full of homemade soup and medicines at her door. Then he would knock, wait for the sound of footsteps, and leave before she even got the chance to open her door.

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