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Keep Your Lows To Yourself 

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If someone didn’t say, “are you okay?” to you today, just move on. 

If someone didn’t say that, but you clearly aren’t okay – you can tell them anyway. If you expect someone to inquire about your well-being, chances are you’re comfortable enough to share your woes with them. 

But, did you do the same? 

Did you bring up the “are you okay?” question today?

Do what you expect. 

Be the friend you need the most. 

No matter how happy someone else looks, they’re dealing with their own battles. 

They are fighting their own wars. 

And if they haven’t opened up to you about it, you need to reverse the roles. Because in all probability, they don’t feel confident in confiding in you. 

The closest of friends, the most loving family members don’t realise it. 

So, be that friend. 

Be the person your friends need. 

“Being okay” is a luxury most people can’t afford. 

We power through storms, battles, and monotony to be there for someone else; and in a moment of vanity, one second of selfishness, we forget to think about what the other person may be going through in that exact moment. 

So, keep your lows to yourself. 

Do what you expect. 

Be the friend you need the most.

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