Lacrimosa Beyond the Panorama June 4, 2020


I am beginning to weaken, 

And I have advanced to hear the familiar lull of time,

The harmony of life that I have conducted 

Is nearing its end;

And yet,

There is turmoil within my confines

Where there ought not to be my thoughts 

There started a spark that coalesced-

-Into a raging bout of consciousness; 

The demon of the last notes that had been cursed to elusiveness

Now revives itself on the pyre 

It begs and weeps for forgiveness in the final movements of existence 

For the lord to mark the wretched soul,

It rises from within all the darkness of the material flesh

Twisting in the crevices of my mind, the creator

Spiraling out of my jurisdiction,

Upward towards the heavens, begging for absolution

And my digits loosen their grip around the quill

I witness the brilliant light of the savior engulf my earthly being

I am lifted to his arms,

The unfinished symphony was only mine to take away.

<strong>Mrinalini Raghavendran</strong>
Mrinalini Raghavendran

Mrinalini writes captivating poems and short reads. She is also an Indian classical dancer.

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