Learning. Changing. Adapting. Beyond the Panorama January 21, 2021

Learning. Changing. Adapting.

Written by Vidhi Mardia

I have learnt to camouflage with criticism,

I have learnt to smile even at the edge of a prism.

I have learnt to simper at taunts, I have learnt to be ecstatic about who I am and flaunt. There is no time to take things to heart, there is no time to remove the dart.

When reality hits, we tend to shatter,

we begin to move hastily and words tend to blatter.

I have learnt to stay calm during the storm,

I have learnt with formidable people it’s not necessary to conform.

When we use the ore of assiduity and discipline,

Through hardships we sail,

We begin to introspect and move towards the right trail.

I have learnt to look beyond competition,

I have learnt to forgive without hesitation,

I have learnt to believe in abundance,

I have understood the absence in presence.

Be a chameleon they often say,

No they don’t mean change yourself night and day,

Blend in so perfectly with everything around,

By your choice; because no, you’re not bound.

Some shift between the hues, trying to hide their insecurity

Some stay hidden, trying to defeat the vulnerability.

Muffled and awkward with strangers,

Ebullient and crazy with friends,

Like a chameleon

I automatically change with the surroundings,

But why, I still can’t comprehend.

In a world full of changing colours,

Let’s try to be someone’s monochrome.

Instead of changing colours every time,

Let’s try being transparent,

And stick to black and white.

Vidhi Mardia
Vidhi Mardia

Vidhi loves to write poetry, and divulge her thoughts on important issues and matters in society. She is a staunch advocate for propagating mental health and expands her thoughts on the same through writing. 

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