Let’s Make a New World Beyond the Panorama June 11, 2020

Let’s Make a New World

black lives matter

I was flowing freely in this world
Soaring the skies, when I was happy
Sitting by the river, when I was thoughtful
Dancing in the rain,
Swimming in the ocean,
Jumping on the sand,
Taking rest under the tree, when I was tired

They were my friends, all
Birds, animals, trees, big or small

I am free
The Soul said

Get a life
They said

They told me life was so much fun
You will have a body, a face, hands and legs
You will eat and drink and walk and run

I heard the joy in my mother’s voice when she first heard my heart beating inside of her
I felt her excitement, when I kicked inside, I heard her say she couldn’t wait to be together
It was a fine day in fall with a bit of chill
I decided I could not wait any longer to join the thrill
It was surreal when I opened my eyes to the most beautiful face
I smiled when my mother said, “Hello George”, and took me in her embrace

Soul again lies free, but it is not flying
Someone took the life out of Soul, and left it crying
Soul wants to tell the friends, not to wish for life
And if they did, let that be in a new world where there is no strife

The friends tell him there soon will be a new world
A world, where he can again be whole
A world, where the colour of a body didn’t define the Soul

Manisha Agarwal
Manisha Agarwal

Manisha pens her experiences and thoughts through compelling poetry. She also writes about her opinions and thoughts on society and the different cultures of the world.

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