Turbulence Beyond the Panorama January 24, 2016


beyond the panorama

Breathing heavily,

She sits down by the window

And looks at the scenic expanse of land and sky –

Trees swaying with the force of wind;

Flowers strewn on the ground;

Fields, and a sea in the distance.

Buildings, both tall and short, encircling the horizon;

A bright, blue sky,

With birds flying in a sequence only they understand;

Clouds floating around

Like big balls of cotton;

And as the sun hits the window,

She squints, plugs in some 60s music in her ears,

And devours a Jane Austen novel.

While she falls in love with Mr. Darcy,

A baby cries a few feet away.

Annoyed and thrown back into reality,

She apprehensively looks out of the window again.

An hour has gone by.

The sky is now velvet,

The city, a million tiny lights.

Her stomach suddenly churns.

Nightmares clog her mind;

She breathes heavily again.

A nervous breakdown; she holds on tight.

A deep-toned voice is heard in the background,

But its words are drowned by the the shrill cries.

A few more minutes tick by;

She looks outside.

The million tiny lights get bigger;

The baby stops crying;

Her calm finally returns at touchdown.

night sky4.jpg

Written by Christina Martin

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