Life’s Game Beyond the Panorama June 2, 2020

Life’s Game

There was once a young girl, passionate, fierce, strong
With dreams in her eyes, and the will to go along
Nothing could stop her, nothing was impossible or tough
She made her own road, and smoothened everything that was rough

Then Life came by
And took away some of her, with the promise of more
She gave in
It was the right thing to do, after all everyone wants more

And Life kept coming back,
Asking for a little bit more
It wasn’t tough, was it,
Just a little adjustment in the tone to be accepted
Just ignoring the snide comment to avoid picking difficult fights
Just a little bit of this and of that,
To file away her rough edges and make her beautiful for the world

Little did she know, giving in was dying one death, each time
And with each death, she lost one little part of her
Her passion
Her fierceness
Her strength
And dreams lost forever to the sleepless nights

She waits for Life now, to show up,
To keep its side of the promise, the promise of more

Life comes laughing, and tells her it was a game,
Asks if she wants to go back and be young again.

Manisha Agarwal
Manisha Agarwal

Manisha pens her experiences and thoughts through compelling poetry. She also writes about her opinions and thoughts on society and the different cultures of the world.

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