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Life’s Not A Fairytale

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Life’s a fairytale
And everything’s perfect,
I close my eyes to angelic music and pastel shades,
Then I wake up to crunchy toast and fresh marmalade;
That’s because life’s a fairytale and everything’s perfect.
The next morning, my eyelids seem heavier than usual,
The sun’s pale rays barely filtered through the windows,
As if reminding me, something’s going to go wrong.
Lightning struck, loneliness sunk in, and the solitude became deafening;
Overnight, the tables turned and pretty pastels and harp-strung music seemed to fade into nothingness.
Tragedy struck, and nobody noticed.
So, I kept quiet.
I went about my day.
I microwaved my cold lunch and ate alone,
I put on terrible music and danced alone.
But no one noticed.
I was in a home, full, happy,
But no one noticed the war waging in my head.
Does loneliness strike even when your mind is too empty?
Or is it when your mind is too full of painful thoughts?
I lay on my bed, next to someone I once thought I knew,
As we both closed our eyes and said our last prayer of the day,
And she spoke ever so quietly, ‘isn’t life like a fairytale?’
While I whispered to myself, everything’s perfect.

(Picture credits: Pexels)

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