Lights – Of Mine | Asilaa Abbas Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Lights – Of Mine | Asilaa Abbas

These lights of my heart are the reminders,

Of the vagrant personality of mine.

I reckon I call these lights, ‘hope’.

They dim, they flash, but also shine.

These ‘lights’ show me the path,

Path to eternal happiness,

Regardless of the trails you’ve left behind,

Or the people who called you, ‘mine’.

These lights of my heart, is what I call ‘love’.

So presumptuous, audacious and rude.

This light I call love, is blind but true. 

Always ends in a fight or feud.

These lights are so aureate, so blinding.

They lead me to obscurity and mend my absence.

Lights as golden as these are misconceived.

Lets you perplexed, and surely ambivalent.

I am proud of these lights that shine within,

With so much passion and esteem.

These eternal flames are the reason of my patronage,

Let these Lights flicker and set us being festive.

Written by Asilaa Abbas

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