I Love You, I Love Me, You Love You, You Love Me Beyond the Panorama August 5, 2021

I Love You, I Love Me, You Love You, You Love Me

Written by Kay

Nothing is ever lost

And souls never cease to exist,

They just choose to take a different form. 

Why? That’s beyond me

But a good travel into the unknown

Is never turned down

So maybe they choose it,

For the fun

For the love

For the experience. 

We lost so many

So many souls were set free, 

I prefer to think of death that way; 

The torment is for the living.

When was life fair?

It never will be, 

If we live with the constant fear of losing something

It’s going to drain all that we are. 

I can’t see you anymore

I can’t talk to you, 

I loved you

And all I want for you

Is to be happy,

wherever you choose to head out next. 

Somewhere along the timelines

We will meet again, 

I will recognize you

You will recognize me. 

We may never actually

Recognize the past of us

But some part of our soul

Sure will. 

You see

We always were one

Never apart

It’s the world that likes differences: 



But for our souls we will be together, always. 

I love you

And I love me

You love you

And you love me. 

Love is different

From every lens, 

Love is different

From every mind.

Love is different

With every soul, 

That wears flesh

And jewels of heart,

So only the shine is seen. 


A lover of all things travel, Kay pens down her inspiring thoughts through storytelling and poetry.

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