Lucid Dreams Beyond the Panorama June 24, 2021

Lucid Dreams

Written by Lavanya Sinha

This world is so mysterious, 

Several things, numerous emotions and trillions of thoughts to explore; 

This gift of reality is so auspicious,

Yet many times it becomes so sour;

The two worlds that we live in are completely contrasting; 

One is the reality that holds it’s dilemma between happiness and pain, 

Another is a dream that holds it’s perfection and is fascinating. 

A fantasy world that consist of all sorts of diamonds and jewels;

A place that allows you to touch the moon. 

A land that isn’t cruel;

Where nothing is out of tune. 

A zone where everything is under control;

A creation where you can be yourself, 

Where there isn’t a single loophole. 

The real world has its own flaws; 

Hate, pressure, stress and what not. 

Crimes, opportunities and all kind of laws;

Precision is very less and confusion is a lot. 

Happiness and sadness strikes like heavy waves of this big ocean;

Lost everyone is, just like a cloud in the endless sky, 

Doubt and distrust is found in every notion. 

Truth be told, the two worlds are two sides of the same coin;

Reality is something that leads to the dream. 

Somewhere the two worlds might adjoin;

Take a deep breath and get ready to explore the extreme. 

For those who fall and rise might reach their fantasy;

Trying to regain focus in the real realm 

All it takes is excellency. 

After all, everything will make sense in a lucid dream. 

Lavanya Sinha
Lavanya Sinha

Narrating her opinions through her short stories and poems, Lavanya writes these verses with great passion and skill.

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