Making A Movie Scene  Beyond the Panorama February 26, 2023

Making A Movie Scene 

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Flowers in bloom, white lilies, yellow poppies, red roses in the garden, 

There’s a pink and white checkered mat spread over the wet and emerald green grass,

We’re transporting bucketloads of food from the kitchen to here, 

A big, red bowl of crispy popcorn and flimsy trays of tall glasses of iced tea. 

There was a boy in the corner who spoke up and bought out a projector, 

Figuring out the technicalities of putting on a movie on the only wall in this tiny garden, 

As the rest of us busied ourselves with unproductive tasks that led nowhere,

Except, they had to lead somewhere.

They led to more memories,

More pictures, 

More fun, 

And more serendipitous moments of friendship. 

We didn’t realize the decibel of the laughter echoing in the tiny space,

But we treasured it all the same. 

For when the iced glass toppled over and broke, 

The flower began gathering mosquitoes, 

And the wifi didn’t reach the garden well enough to actually project the movie, 

We lay in a wholesome silence, a hum of fulfilled chatter and laughter. 

We didn’t need anything else. 

In that moment, we only needed each other.

(Picture credits: Pexels)

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