May There Be Light | Jay Gallera Malaga Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

May There Be Light | Jay Gallera Malaga

May there be light

A box of lights my father gifted me with

When I was a child, a piece of the sky,

Wires inside and buttons underneath,     

A pair of batteries to give the stars life. 

What would have I given to keep both

Along with my growth, but time spoke,

Wires choke, stars run out of breath,          

Fathers fade beneath a sky of smoke. 

And yet deep within, among the ruins,

Something remains, warms the bones, 

Carved in stone, light along the veins,                                                                                           

In remembrance of our loved ones. 

To life we hold on, amid the chaos

And violence, we continue to glow,

A shared tomorrow, despite the loss,

Hope follows, hope flows, and so…

May there be light in the intimate corners

Of the mind, like a seed breaking ground,

An idea found, tiny spark to kindle tinder,

The glow of wonder in the eyes of children.

May there be vision in the empty corridors

Of our illusions, the first rays of the sun,

An awakening, little flames of little fires,

A pyre of flowers out of songs of women.  

May there be illumination in the hearts,

Hands of men, turning over new leaves,

Kindness on their sleeves, in equal parts

Strength and scars, open ears and beliefs.

May there be light upon everyone’s feet,

As we step on every lie with little truths,    

May sweetness take root in every street,

Everyone exchanging smiles, bearing fruits.  

Written by Jay Gallera Malaga

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