Maybe Love Beyond the Panorama March 23, 2021

Maybe Love

Written by Apoorva Dixit

This love came with an expiry date,

all in this process of us, I lost track of time.

It looked as though ours would be

one of those cringe-worthy love

stories that would make too many

“Instagram-worthy” pictures.

 Everything looked perfect,

you never left the room messy

for me to fret upon.

And I learned what kind of music,

you want to groove to when you’re happy!

There weren’t any arguments,

whether to watch a romcom or a sci-fi movie

And you never dared to say 

that I cooked bad food.

You never forgot when not to annoy me

and I always made mistakes deliberately

to watch you get angry. 

But when this expiry date neared,

we felt numb and unable to decipher

And that’s alright because it had to happen.

It’s not always necessary that

all stories have to have a happy ending.

But I promise you to make it worthy!

I promise I will follow things in your life,

but only if you promise me 

that you’ll send me  pictures 

Of every dog you meet.

And the day I get a pop-up notification

of your achievements 

I would come home and dance alone

on the favourite symphony of ours!

And I am sure you will be at my restaurant

At 5:00 AM and wait for someone

to open the shutter so that 

you don’t miss any chance of its inauguration!

And when you are tired and 40,

call me if you are feeling lonely.

Maybe this time we can sit like two friends

And share what life has offered,

for I always promised you 

to never leave your side!

Apoorva Dixit 
Apoorva Dixit 

Apoorva writes movies and book reviews, poetry that makes you emotional, and her thoughts on society. 

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