Mine Sincerely Beyond the Panorama April 1, 2021

Mine Sincerely

Written by Auroni Deep

This might not be my best part,

But there are times when I do fall for myself,

Some serene times, some tranquil moments

When nothing allures me, but my existence.

When the Earth smells of Geosmin,

Or the petrichor of the evening, calms us all.

When the dews magnify the leaves,

They have so softly yet steadily landed upon.

Yes, I do admire myself.

When the magpie sits on my windowsill,

And the lapwing roars its tale.

When the kingfisher exhibits its skill,

And the stilt ignores its male.

Yes, I do feel proud of myself.

As I see the Funambulus pace up,

And the pigeons boast their pair.

Or the solitude of the gibbous moon,

With not a single star near.

Yes, I do cherish my being.

In the early hours of sunrise,

Or with the late midnight moon,

I have craved talking to myself

Post an idyllic afternoon.

Self-worth needs no achievement,

And self-love needs no explanation.

For I sincerely belong to myself,

And that is the ultimate elation.

Auroni Deep
Auroni Deep

Born to write, Auroni expresses herself and her creativity through stories with morals, and poetry with meaningful verses.

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