Miracles Do Happen Beyond the Panorama November 3, 2021

Miracles Do Happen

Written by Ramya Basker

We generally wonder, do miracles happen in real? 

I would say they come to those who believe in them with zeal.

A small victory at the end of a long day,

Like cool rain to keep the hot scorching sun away.

Just a glimpse of our favorite movie can help you unwind,

Just a simple conversation with your folks will bring you happiness; 

Who knew such little things would do wonders in wiping away our stress,

Giving away way to some huge progress.

Little things like this that happen to us now and then, 

Are nothing but goodness that we need to focus upon.

Believe in the magic of life,

And have faith that everything will happen at the right time.

The more you trust the process,

The more you attract what you need as per the design.

Ramya Basker
Ramya Basker

Ramya writes thoughtful poetry and short stories about her observations and experiences in society. 

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