Modern Insanity (How Not to Be) Beyond the Panorama August 26, 2020

Modern Insanity (How Not to Be)

Sadness on an afternoon 

Strangeness of dreams 

Dull laughter cower my desires

Tinted windows secure

the stench of death. 

Trembling visions of 

Gods and burgers 

Demons of glass 

Under domes of fire. 

Mistakes of wrinkled skin

sobbing earthy tears. 

Hapless jobs of 

Modern insecurity. 

Loveless marriages of 

Nervous mortals. 

Windows of plastic 

Corporations of gloom 

Ever-ready for another 

Monday morning

A funeral for repressed goals. 

Reservoirs of nothingness 

Whispers for forgiveness 

Longing for a future

Sightless, out-of-bound. 

Beliefs of rubble 

A need for purity, absurd

A casualty of the times. 

A collective sanity 

Incapable of satisfaction. 

An average bewilderment 

An amusement of fallacy. 

Talks of forever, 

Of Monroe, 

Of Dames, 

Of sluts, 

Of Hepburn, 

Of Feynman, 

Of Dante, 

Of Socrates, 

Of Rumi, 

Of ever-increasing nausea. 

Hazing our conscience with fairy tales, 

In a world of imperfections. 

Frames of spotless teeth 

Phones buzzing, senseless. 

Smiles of empathy 

From people in towers. 

Women in uncomfortable 

Lingerie, fogging our vision. 

Barking dogs at night 

Shooting delightfully-

-at strangers. 

Sensible ties and polished shoes 

Plumbers and sweepers 

Coming in from the back door. 

Stories of grand weddings

Son-in-laws and their grosses. 

Chuckles of shy reckoning

Girls who become women. 

Rubies on a fat neck

Careless women, glittering. 

Letters of falsity 

Under the guise of humanity

Vacations in Rome 

Air conditioned rooms. 

The rich streets with big houses

Deer living in a lion’s den. 

Angels of anarchy

Stirring inside choked heads. 

A formula for the kingdom, 

A tried and tested journey. 

Corrupt and naive

For us, 

The sincere disciples 

Of modern insanity. 

Vasundhara Singh
Vasundhara Singh

Vasundhara writes gripping stories, imaginative poetry, and critiques of books and movies.

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