My Father, My Chevalier Beyond the Panorama August 24, 2021

My Father, My Chevalier

Written by Tanvi Das

There are many heroes and many warriors,

My hero is the breaker of my problems and barriers.

He doesn’t have special powers, he doesn’t wear a cape,

He is a kid at heart, a blanket of maturity is what, around him, he drapes.

At times, when the house feels gloomy,

He comes back at night, and my first words are, “ah! Here is my roomie”.

Though he gets gifts, from his loved ones, far and near,

He could not make us happy and would lose us, is his worst fear.

He toils day and night, doing his work with utmost vigor,

But he loves to exercise, after all, he wants to keep a fit figure.

During daytime, no one can say he is silly and crazy,

Every night, he is the funniest person, while I watch, lazy.

We behave like monkeys, we have endless fun,

No one can make me laugh easily, dad is the only one!

When he reflects on his memories, he hugs me tight,

He says, ’the moment I held you in my arms, my world became all right’.

Dad says he always wanted a daughter and his wish came true,

On his luckiest day, he celebrated in utter joy, and he crowed.

He is an ordinary person, but he can be a fighter too,

To keep my mom and me safe, there’s nothing he can’t do.

He never lives for himself, he lives for mom and me,

He buys us so many gifts, but never brought himself anything.

He wishes only one thing from me, that is, I study nicely and settle in life,

That I get a good job, and for success, I strive.

I am pursuing my dream, I am completing dad’s wish slowly,

I don’t want to see him and mom sad, heads hung lowly.

I don’t know how much he loves me, only he knows how much he can,

He is my first best friend, no other person did I ever love so much, he is the only man.

You make me more than satisfied dad, for me you are warrior so valiant.

I couldn’t stay angry with you for more than sometime, I just couldn’t.

You are my best friend, you are my idol too.

Your love for me is umpteen, I love you endlessly, yes I do.

Tanvi Das
Tanvi Das

Tanvi writes gripping short stories and poetry that makes you wonder about things you never did before.

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