My Forever Someone  Beyond the Panorama February 18, 2023

My Forever Someone 

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I see myself growing distant from the people I thought would be my forever. Maybe I was young and naive, or maybe I’ve remained the same all along and it’s the people around me have changed. Or maybe it’s me who has changed and everyone around is still walking the same path we did all those years ago. 

But it can’t be. 

I see a youthful spirit dwindling into a lazy lack of motivation.

I see a kind and thoughtful soul turn into a ball of anger. 

I see a familiar face transform into greys and whites and someone unrecognizable. 

It feels selfish to think of myself when someone else is so evidently going through a change – but what else is there to do? 

How do you help someone who so vehemently refuses help? 

How do I change myself to be on the same page as someone so changed? 

Maybe it’s the idea of ‘forever’ that is twisted. Maybe there isn’t a forever, but only a ‘now’ that’s at our disposal. Maybe the process is learning to accept that. 

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Beyond The Panorama
Beyond The Panorama

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