My Valley Beyond the Panorama April 20, 2021

My Valley

Written by Kokila Gupta

Of pastel arrays, of water-lilies 

And fields of cardamom spice

Of gurgling brooks by a windmill,

The Palanquin carrying beautiful brides

Purple carpet of saffron blooms

Amid Jasmine scented hills

Rainbow palette of brocades,

and peacock feathered quills

Of graves under the Chinars

Lost lullabies, songs of spring

Of desolate banks of Jhelum,

Deserted orchards swings 

Heal my plundered valley once more,

Take crimson out of silver rills

Breathe in the whiff of hope in the burnt charred air ,

And childhood’s laughter unbridled

O Lord! Let me wake up

In her lap of honey green gold,

Her bodily scents intoxicating me,

Old stories under mulberry trees retold. 

Kokila Gupta
Kokila Gupta

A lover of travel and adventure, Kokila writes her experiences in the form of stories, poetry, and opinion pieces that leave you contemplating. 

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