My Zohar | Koyel Dasgupta Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

My Zohar | Koyel Dasgupta


Too matured for lullabies were you then

Exhilarating still for you,

Weren’t they love?

Impeccable reputation in football,

Still rests in their minds.

Innocence didn’t turn you gullible,

Oh! I have always been so proud.

That seraphic smile,

Bewitched every pair of eyes;

Promulgated your pellucid heart.


Can your eyes behold?

Lights of every colour has,

Bathed the city already

Enthralling aren’t they?

This street embellished with lights

House number 21,

Manoeuvred it for a year

Undoubtedly victorious, 

The street’s beauty shrinks with its enervating look.

A year before:


Couldn’t you have been more careful?

That atrocious truck,

Had passed undisturbed.


lights failed to beguile you;

you didn’t go to buy them.

Do your injuries still hurt son?

Mommy knows:

You still miss,

Adorning the house with lights on Diwali.

The lights out there,

I detest them now

Nothing but repugnance strikes,

When my eyes meet them.

For they snatched the ‘Zohar’ of my life.

Written by Koyel Dasgupta

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