Mysterious Smile She Wears Beyond the Panorama May 18, 2021

Mysterious Smile She Wears

Written by Bella Fernandes

You see that smile she wears,

her forgiving heart that always cares.

The pain she hides goes unnoticed by many,

still remains calm and patient with any.

Never would she think of hurting any soul,

but will always fight back tears she can barely control.

Night sky she loves the most,

makes a wish to a star that is falling almost.

Her voice acts as a soothing balm,

for the one seeking silence and the calm.

The warmth she gives while she cares,

will heal you more quickly than any prayers.

She’ll always give more than she’ll ever get,

your mended heart will never let you forget.

The way she connects to people at times,

like putting down what she feels into rhymes.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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