Never Again Beyond the Panorama January 8, 2023

Never Again

Written by Bella Fernandes

Muskaan rushed to her room and hid in the corner near the bed when she saw Kashyap at the gate from the drawing room’s window. Kashyap entered the house and pushed open the door. As soon as she saw him come, Muskaan quivered and was forced to take a few steps back to keep away from him.

Kashyap treated his wife badly. With time, it just kept getting worse. He walked in and twisted Muskaan’s wrist, pushing her so hard that she fell on her stomach. She screamed in pain, begging Kashyap for mercy but to no avail. 

Muskaan was seven months pregnant and spent her life confined to the  four walls of her dreary room. She managed to run out of the room to save her baby. She took the stairs and could hardly step down, she still continued down the stairs. After walking a few steps, she sensed that someone was standing right behind her. She looked back and it was Kashyap there. Muskaan got scared looking at Kashyap’s cold expression. He pulled her over roughly.

“Muskaan, please know that you mean nothing to me, so stop self-pitying and stop this drama of being in pain.” Muskaan was so stunned for a moment. “I am literally in pain Kashyap, I need you at this moment.” Kashyap pushed Muskaan so hard that she rolled down the rest of the stairs. Muskaan was in intense pain when Kashyap kicked her stomach in rage.

He walked out the front door, for a party, leaving his wife in pain. 

She managed to sit with the support of a chair nearby. A pregnant woman needs to be provided with proper care. But in Muskaan’s case, she had to walk alone to the dairy and beg for a pouch of milk as she didn’t have any money to even live a decent life. Kashyap spent all his earnings on his female colleagues, outside the office. He often used to stay out and spend nights with other women.

Time passed and Kashyap continued to hate Muskaan for no reason. On the other side, Muskaan prayed for things to get better between them. She made endless efforts to save their bond but she failed to understand or rather accept the fact that Kashyap no longer loved her.

Muskaan tried a lot – to save her marriage and did everything she could. But then there comes a point of realisation when you know that it’s just not going to work. Two months later Muskaan, decided to leave Kashyap and free herself from all the pain. At nine months pregnant, she left the house. 

Kashyap returned home that evening and looked for Muskaan. He went upstairs to check if she was there, but he couldn’t see her anywhere.

But then he saw a piece of paper lying on the floor. He read, 

“When you first confessed your love to me, I wasn’t ready to give myself to you. You made efforts to connect to me emotionally and slowly it pulled me towards you. There was something between us, something that was real and can never take place between anyone. I just don’t have words to express what that time meant to me. But slowly you started giving all that to any random girl you met. Then when did you stop loving me? Or you were only attracted to me? Or should I say you never loved and made me fall for you? Anyways, what I feel doesn’t even matter to you. I got a piece of the person behind the layers, the one who was once sensitive, soft and caring. I will always remember how nice it was to be in your arms and to feel those lips. I know you won’t but still don’t search for me. You changed me and I’ve grown.

Goodbye Kashyap

Your baby’s mother”

As humans we often fail to understand our own worth, we make compromises and sacrifices just to feel warmth, love and care. Love can never make us lose trust and if it does, it was never love.

Meta – If love makes you lose trust, it is not love. A heart-wrenching story about a wife that deserved more. 

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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