Not a Damsel in Distress Beyond the Panorama May 29, 2021

Not a Damsel in Distress

Written by Yasmeen Shah

There’s a baggage of folklores and fairy tales

But she opened a devil’s door with a garland.

The blacks and purples of his skin tone

Is not what a Prince Charming is made of, 

And the beast that the beauty chose

Was also a disguised handsome heartthrob. 

But she’s sure, he’s not one of those, 

He’s not got blonde hair and blue eyes, 

With royal blue silk bell-bottoms

Or a cloak decorated with laced gold. 

He’s not an Aladdin with a magic lamp

And a Genie to the rescue of a Damsel, 

In distress. 

Neither a froggy cursed for

A kiss to be fanciable. 

He’s a devil with boiled eyes and yellow canines 

And a horn not of a unicorn but of a bull,

He’s the last one you’ll chose 

With no castle or a magic wand. 

He’s not the one her granny told her the stories of 

The good looking, appealing, the handsome master 

To ponder just her beauty 

And cage her in a crimson fort. 

He loves her for her imperfections 

Her dark past and her bright heart, 

She’s something ordinary, not made of beauty, 

neither a gorgeous lass. 

She’s a dreamer, a thinker, a lover

Much more than a beauty, 

Not a dealer at duty. 

There’s a baggage of folklores she dropped off, 

and tore all the old books, the fairy tales, the misleading sophistical; 

She’s not going to sit back and watch injustice unfold, 

She’s much more than just a damsel in distress.

Yasmeen Shah
Yasmeen Shah

Yasmeen writes empowering stories and poetry, and stands for what she believes in through the power of her words.

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