Not All Strangers Are Strangers Beyond the Panorama April 23, 2021

Not All Strangers Are Strangers

Written by Snehal Pandey

Maybe we are not all good, 

We think about some people as rude and selfish,

And some as good and giving.

But most of the times there’s nothing like rude, selfish, good or giving.

It’s all about the timing & destiny.

People have their own timing of coming in your life, either for help, happiness, sadness or even anger. 

You may be sure of a specific friend to help you in a specific situation, but eventually he/she didn’t. 

You might not be sure about a stranger to help you in a needy situation, but he/she ends up helping you in the best way possible.

Though your need might get duly fulfilled, 

At that particular place or time a moment gets created, 

A dilemmatic one, 

where at one side your ray of hope ends up hurting you, 

and at the other side you found out a strange ray of hope that enlightened you. 

Bottom line: You can’t be very sure about something or someone, anyone or anything in life. 

Snehal Pandey
Snehal Pandey

Snehal loves to write stories that convey a message, and poetry that touches your heart and reaches your soul.

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