Not Your Usual Fairytale Beyond the Panorama November 20, 2021

Not Your Usual Fairytale

Written by Ayush Banerjee

I admired her,

every moment of the day, 

as she caressed her curly blue hair

beautifully shaped as 

balmy and merciless waves,

dressed in minute grains of sand.

She looked so peaceful

yet her eyes looked

like a poignant tragedy;

from miles up here

that sometimes I dreamed

about lying motionless, beside her.

During the day,

we spoke quite less

as there were interruptions

by those who spoke

the language of the land,

as we would spend hours gazing into each other’s eyes.

As noon would pass by

and the sun would learn its time,

she knew how to make me smile

by reflecting my colours on her skin

and it is then that I realised

that she accepted my colours,

while I, hers.

The dark blue and red

with tinges of yellow

slowly gave away to the night sky

as she was all alone now,

her face sulking, 

as the sound of her waves were

just enough to keep her awake.

She would not look towards me,

and hid her face

behind the giant rocks;

I luminated her forehead

with a dash of the moonlight,

as she looked up to me, again,

the reflections of the stars

starting filling her emptiness.

Simple is not the word

yet it was less complicated

than those who could

express and communicate,

who were close to each other,

but for me and her,

the sky and the sea,

we were always close

and accepted

each other’s reflections,

yet we were far

from being a fairytale.

Ayush Banerjee
Ayush Banerjee

A poetry connoisseur, Ayush writes what he sees, experiences, and believes. 

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