November Reading List For Marketers Beyond the Panorama November 3, 2022

November Reading List For Marketers

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Bookmark and save these for your November reading.
Pro Tip: We’re sharing 8 relevant blogs, so you could schedule 2 readings per week!

An essential element of customer relationship management and brand building is online reputation management. Unfortunately, not all customers are polite and here’s how you can deal with them.

Museums are great for learning about science, history, and the arts. But that’s not all, there are important storytelling lessons that can be drawn from museums.

The sales team cannot work in a silo anymore. The content marketing engine must be utilized to empower the sales team in order to sell better. Here are some useful tips on how to get started.

This one is a bit different. Marketers need to understand the concept of creative rest to make their teams more efficient, and indeed, more creative. Read the below article to learn more about what creative rest is and how it can be practiced.

There are a multitude ways of conceptualizing a marketing strategy but we love the movies! Behind every great brand is a great story and nobody does it better than movie directors. Here’s how we can learn from them.

This blog will take you back to the basics of social media marketing. There’s a lot happening on social platforms but it’s important to remember your brand’s philosophy against these 3 reminders. Read on to find out more.

This is your introduction to the world of micro-content. There is no debate about the fact that attention spans are getting shorter and scrolls are getting faster. Here’s how you can mould your social media game to changing trends.

For your last blog, here’s a reminder that December (and Black Friday weekend) will be quite the festive month! With Christmas and New Years, here’s how you can prep for the upcoming season.

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