O Great Mother India! Beyond the Panorama March 27, 2021

O Great Mother India!

Written by Kanhaiya Shah

My Mother, O Great Mother India!

As I am closing my eyes to take a rest,

With wondrous dreams for your prosperous future;

With utmost pride, I am laying down among the best.

I can see my family standing there;

Eager to meet me on this auspicious day.

Beaming with strength, pride, and honour;

With teary eyes and the heads held high.

My last salute and heartfelt admiration to our pride tiranga;

Forever may this flag always fly over my beloved India.

I want to feel those goosebumps and solemn reverence;

Once again, for the last time, while singing Jana-Gana-Mana.

My first love, peace-loving, most powerful nation;

If almighty God would bestow me my last wish.

I’d ask for the boon to reincarnate on this holy land;

And for the pride of India, sacrifice this life once again.

Kanhaiya Shah
Kanhaiya Shah

An opinionated writer and a deep thinker, Kanhaiya also loves to write poems and connect with his spiritual side. 

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