October Reading List For Every Small Business Owner Beyond the Panorama October 3, 2022

October Reading List For Every Small Business Owner

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As a small business owner, you are probably wearing a lot of hats at once. There’s a lot to learn and hence, a lot to read.

Here’s a handy list for October, click on the titles of respective blogs to read.

First Read: 5 Apps Every Small Business Needs

When you’re doing a lot of things at once, automate and digitize as much as possible. Don’t spend time doing things that technology can do more efficiently. Your business needs YOUR time, so free it up with these apps.

Second Read: How Content Marketing Can Help Small Businesses

It’s not a question of whether you need content marketing or not. The answer is always yes. If you are you confused, this article will give you a lot of clarity on why your business (no matter what the industry) can use content marketing for success.

Third Read: Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Now that we have established that content marketing is essential for small businesses, let’s get to the “how”. This blog lists 5 simple tips to lay a solid foundation for content marketing.

Fourth Read: Social Media Content Calendars: A Realistic Framework for Small Business Owners 

We are assuming a chunk of your time goes in understanding social media and trying to build a community. The truth is that there are no shortcuts about it. It is a time-consuming and effort-heavy process. But putting things in process helps and with this article you can learn a simple way of churning out content calendars quickly.

Fifth Read: 6 Reasons That Make Blogs Remain Relevant In The Age Of Reels And TikTok

In addition to social media, you might be contemplating the importance of having a blog on the website. Is long-form content dead? Most certainly not. Read the blog to know more!

Sixth Read: Remember This While Writing Marketplace Content

If you operate in the D2C space, marketplaces might be an important sales channel for you. Content marketing for marketplaces is crucial too. This blog will give you a small tip on how you can better optimize your brand’s Amazon and other marketplace content.

Save this article for later, happy reading!

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