Ode to Blue Beyond the Panorama August 24, 2020

Ode to Blue

Walking down the streets on a silent night

O dear! Look at the sky, such a beautiful sight

Staring at the colour of the night so blue

Fills my heart with a joyous hue.

Sailing on the ship royal and large

O dear! Look at the ocean such a wonderful collage

Of the dolphins and the waves so blue

God’s creation so beautiful, how, I have no clue.

Saluting the Tiranga flying so high

O dear! It’s a moment of pride

It fascinates me, then I realized why

“It’s the blue chakra in the centre!” I cried.

Every time I see the rainbow rise

O dear! It’s so colourful and nice 

But what touches my heart 

Is the stretch of blue in the start.

This is my ode to blue,

Which happens to be my favorite hue

Because whenever I am sad

A glance at blue makes me glad!

Sneha N Shastri
Sneha N Shastri

Apart from expressing her thoughts and opinions, Sneha also writes enthralling poetry and hard-to-put-down stories.

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