On Her Own Beyond the Panorama January 3, 2016

On Her Own

Sun shone when she smiled.
It danced on her hair and it reflected her undiluted happiness. 

But what did she know.

She didn’t know the world that she has been caring for, has been bleeding for, has been trying to save, was the world that was killing her.

Ghouls shackled her at night.
That world, her world, was the dementor she couldn’t tackle yet.
The positive and inspiring wallpapers on her screen mocked her, made her more sad.
She still bled, she still tried to make the world see, make it understand what honesty was.

Lights were out, patronus was missing.

The world wasn’t worth it.
They were set in their selfish, hypocrite and bullying ways, hiding safely behind their masks of sweetness and unadulterated goodness.

So did she shine and soar again? She always has.

Written by Abha Plaha


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