One Wild Night Beyond the Panorama July 7, 2021

One Wild Night

Written by Bella Fernandes

Take me to the world so far;

Where I can be called yours.

Hold me under the light of stars,

And in your arms I’ll feel secure.

On the roads so long;

It will be you and me alone.

Our love will come out strong

When your kiss will make me moan.

Your face to mine I’ll hold 

And fill all your insides with warmth.

Our eyes will reveal the story untold,

Together when we’ll light our own hearth.

I’ll let our sensuous eyes meet,

Throw my arms around your neck.

Tightly to hug you in that same street;

Mending your heart once wrecked.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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