My Perfect Shangri-La | Amrita Lahiri Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

My Perfect Shangri-La | Amrita Lahiri


When the harsh sun dims its fury, 

The sky is enveloped by a charismatic glory, 

As zillion stars tucked in its vista, 

The twinkling stars have a majestic aura, 

I marvel at their embellished finery,

While I lay here with a broken heart with a tattered diary.

That day it was the festival of lights,

The streets were shining bright, 

The iridescent gems of the sky matched,

With the glowing bulbs in my dark alley, 

While my head was pounding hard,

With loud clamoring noise in the distressful valley.

In my dark room where only shadows,

Of dark past makes the resonance, 

The flickering flame of positivity and hope,

Riding on the firefly made its prominence,

The dazzling lights within myself rekindled my inner fire, 

Dimming all the extraneous gaudy lights and the burning ire.

For the first time I lit the inner lamp,

To ward off the disrupting thoughts, 

The reticular rays of lights dispersed, 

Unfurling the upsetting knots,

Oh!  The shimmering lights,

Of inner peace and power of self-love.

Radiating atoms of soul-stirring songs,

Forming a treasure trove,

Playing with the shadows and silhouette, 

Of painful experiences,

The shining beads of light emanating from within, 

Buried all the differences.

I understood that nothing can dim the light that shines from within, 

Nowadays, I try to be the moon in those wearied souls, 

Emitting lucent rays in the azure welkin, 

The world will go in a blur after the brief spell of the festival, 

But lights perched on the heart, 

Will keep us always jovial and convivial. 

Ah!  Such a great place nestled in the mountains,

Of lights and serenity – my perfect Shangri-La,

Shadows of past never roam as hope, 

Faith and lights are my paraphernalia,

In the darkest hours,

I found the hidden lights peeping into my broken heart.

As I excavated my hidden talent, 

The dancing shadows of evil intent fell apart, 

The lights never left my life from thereon,

As I walked towards the lights, 

Leaving my shadows behind, 

I let go and moved on!            

Written by Amrita Lahiri

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