Poetry Competition Beyond the Panorama August 3, 2020

Dear Poets,
Let your patriotism shine through!

Share with us an original poem about India, the Golden Bird and you could win some super cool prizes! 

Remember, we are only looking for poems that present this marvellous country in a positive light. 

No space for negativity in this endeavour!

Here are the details:

For Independence Day we are hosting a poetry competition with the theme ‘India in a Positive Light’. 

1. The most important thing is to stick to the theme. Poems that do not, will be disqualified. 

2. We are accepting submission between the 3rd and 9th of August. 

3. You can select your own title and follow your own preferred style and verse of writing. There is no limit on the number of words. 

4. The poems should be emailed to ns@vineetsethi.com with a subject that should include ‘BTP Poetry Competition + title of your poem’. Please include your name, city of residence, and occupation/name of college in your email. 

5. The shortlisted poems will be published on our website on the 11th of August.

6. The winner will be decided basis an internal marking system which will be a weighted calculation of the jury’s opinion and the number of views on each poem. 

7. The winner will be announced on 15th August 2020 on our social media channels. The winner will receive some very exciting prizes! 

We look forward to receiving your poems. We’re already singing songs of glory!
Please reach out to us on our contact page or social media handles, in case you have any questions.