Postcards Beyond the Panorama April 2, 2021


Written by Kokila Gupta

The writers had long gone to dust 

So have the readers’ eyes,

Vignettes of life on postcards pale;

of dark clouds, sun kissed skies.

Of saffron blooms in purple fields

Laughing rivulets spanning miles

Of fireflies dancing like a glimmer of hope,

And of trembling hands which write.

Of unsaid laments in inky hues 

Suffused with scents of home

Unwritten words in flow of pen

Soul in handwritten notes.

Every hopeful word on it 

Infused with a longing dream

Every pining phrase is but,

A moment in a paper frame.

Kokila Gupta
Kokila Gupta

A lover of travel and adventure, Kokila writes her experiences in the form of stories, poetry, and opinion pieces that leave you contemplating. 

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