Pursuit Beyond the Panorama December 7, 2022


indian poetry

It’s been a while she hasn’t voiced herself deeply.
Time passed and she secluded herself
in an effort to protect the left alive bits of her heart.

Her heart decelerates as she mirrors for a while on the time that has elapsed.
In an effort to mask her suffering, she laughs out loud.

Was left unnoticed and had degraded into a corroded piece of iron.
She was a free-flowing river and an ocean of words.
Only there she could finally just be; it’s the only place.

However, time had its own plan and eventually put all of her wounds to rest.
She then set out on a quest to find her missing self.
Being at home, she solely spent time with herself.

She wandered on an infinite road having endless thoughts racing through her head,
somehow her paths connected with her own strong self.

The wind compelled her to slowly but surely pour out all of her pain
for she knew she had met herself again.

She grinned like a child as the wind spoke to her.

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Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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