Quiet Streams Beyond the Panorama July 19, 2021

Quiet Streams

Written by Bella Fernandes

Thunder in their hearts.

Hiding storms within.

Their paths crossed

on a long road of emotions,

Met with destiny.

She added words of warmth

for his unspoken feelings.

He held her hand

and she tightened the grip,

They begin to write a chapter.

Their eyes met,

smiles exchanged,

Trying to build a connection.

She used silence to express life,

He used words to feel the

untouched parts of her silence.

She carried silence like her strength,

remained calm and composed.

He carried words like his strength,

expressed love to her.

Life observed them peacefully.

Her love filled eyes pulled him

and his awaiting lips met hers.

Two strangers become one soul.

Only life knew the purpose of their connection.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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