Rachel | Sneha N Shastri Beyond the Panorama November 10, 2021

Rachel | Sneha N Shastri

The wind seemed to be sadder than ever. Grey clouds formed a canopy over the mountains that seemed to kiss the sky. I was standing in front of the little pond, adoring my own reflection in the water, inhaling the scent of wet earth.

My little cottage was amidst the hills, docked in the shelter of a cluster of deciduous trees. Being away from the city was a different feeling altogether. In the hills, there seemed to be music in the silence, and happiness in the air, but the loneliness always haunted me. I returned back to my wooden abode.

When I was at the threshold, I felt the bushes near one of the spruce trees move. I found nothing around. I ran towards the bush to see who the uninvited guest was but in vain. For a moment I thought it was perhaps one of those tiger cubs that lost its way and ended up reaching this loner’s house.

As I turned around to go, I saw a little red scarf on the ground. I picked it up and noticed a golden skull marked on one corner. I wondered, trying to remember if I had seen this logo. At that instant, all of a sudden someone, perhaps a lady, ran into my house.

I ran back immediately to my house. When I entered the hall I saw nobody. I thought to myself, perhaps some local dacoit from the village. I ran immediately to the first floor and with each hurried step the wooden staircase creaked.

My tea table had another scarf on it. Anxiously I held the scarf and yet again found the same creepy gold skull. But this time there was something else too, a statement, written perhaps using some white paint. It said “You cannot find me and if you do, you’ll never be found again.”

My hands trembled. My entire body shivered looking at that deadly line. Yet I went ahead and then the mirror in front of me shattered into pieces. I turned around in a split second but couldn’t find the assassin. I ran down the stairs and now I was breathless.

I thought I had some time to fetch a glass of water for myself. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I was too afraid to turn around. I mustered courage and turned only to find yet another red scarf on the floor. But this time there was a name on it. “Rachel”.

This was a name that haunted me when I was back in the city. I did not want to over think. It had begun to rain. I went to the kitchen and stretched out my hand to get a glass, and just then I felt something cold running from my waist. When I touched my waist to see what it was, I had blood dripping from my hand and when I turned around, my eyes got dizzy.

I fell down to the ground, and as my eyes were about to close I saw the face behind the veil. Rachel she was.

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