Rainbow- Seeing the Light Beyond the Panorama August 1, 2020

Rainbow- Seeing the Light


On the 2nd day of July, the day began for me as it normally would. I was immersed in my mundane routine and suddenly around 7 pm my phone rang and my face lit up to see my best friend’s name flashing on it. She was calling from London. We live in two different time zones so no matter how much we attempt to catch up with each other, our efforts are all in vain. Anyway, that was a casual phone call. 

For over half an hour we spoke about random things and suddenly she became sad and expressed to me how she wished to know what lies ahead for her in this lifetime, and I instantaneously blurted, “Because your birthday is just around the corner, you tell me your exact question that you are seeking an answer for and in my meditation, I shall connect with the Angels and get the answer for your plight.” She immediately chuckled, “Is that possible?” and I retorted, “very much so!” 

Enthusiastic and delighted, we hung up. Right after I ended the call, I noted the day and time on my calendar and sent her the email confirming a remote session booked for her.

On the 18th day of July, I woke up and wished her on her birthday. I did all the scheduled appointments before her session. At 4 pm Dhaka time, I did the session for her which went on for about an hour. 

I began the session by calming and aligning myself from within and without. After a while, I could clearly feel that I attained the theta state of mind and because I could clearly feel the vibration, about 10 inches above my head, the Crown Chakra, I understood that I have reached the seventh plane of existence, the actual place of healing. 

I had no feeling of my own body and I was in a different realm. I waited for a bit longer to be able to connect with the energies of the higher beings there. Perhaps, a few seconds passed by, when, as usual, I heard the voice in my left ear. The voice said to me, “So here we are! Ask what you have on your mind?” and I said, “I want to know what is ahead in life for Nadia)?” The moment I asked this, one after the other, they showed me three rainbows within 10 seconds. 

Everything that the universe shows to us has a spiritual meaning or a symbology. A sudden appearance of a rainbow means a sign of blessing for your endeavors, those near to you, and yourself. It is a significant indication and it can be seen as a message from the Universe or Spirit that you are headed in the right direction. Much like the biblical connotation or symbolism, it signifies and ends to hardship and despair.

So the answer (seeing 3 rainbows) fits flawlessly in my friend’s case! She is at a point in her life where she’s contemplating and maneuvering on vital changes that would entail enhancing and enlarging her life from where she is already at. 

I wasn’t satisfied with what was provided by the Spirit and Angels so I further raised a question, “why did you show me three rainbows? What is the significance of the number 3?” and the voice replied, “the soul is on the road to growth and expansion. The path is unfolding with perfect timing- this is what number 3 means. Your friend is on the path of growth and expansion.” 

 I was enthralled!

But before expressing the gratitude to them for appearing, I asked one more question, “Is this going to the truth of her life?” and this time the voice was stern and the answer that I received was impressive. I felt the profound faith when the voice said, “we don’t tell lies. Truth is all that is!” 

Upon receiving this answer, I felt shivers down my spine and my entire body was covered in goosebumps. I had received what I sought. I expressed my heartfelt gratitude to them for appearing and guiding. It took a couple of minutes for me to come out of the trance. As soon as I was back, I decided to share this with my friend because this answer was her birthday present from me. 

When I called her that was almost 2:30 pm UK time. She picked up the phone, she was as excited as I was, to receive the message. Without wasting any time, I started relaying the guidance I received for her. I could sense her excitement as she was listening to me and abruptly, she blurted, “Savina, I can’t believe there is a rainbow in the sky, on an absolutely bright day, yes, yes there is a rainbow in the sky.” 

I was astonished too. We took that as the validation that the Spirit confirmed to her that whatever I saw and shared with her was the truth. However, that wasn’t all. She stunned me for the second time and she said, “Oh My God, Savvy, there is a rainbow painted on the footpath that I am walking on and as I am talking to you, I just walked on that rainbow.” Now even my excitement was beyond measure. And perhaps she walked further 10 meters, she screamed again, “this is unbelievable Savvy. I just witnessed the third rainbow on the glass door of a bookstore that I just crossed.” Now even I felt eerie about it. I know the way the universe works but such precision and accuracy, even I experienced for the first time. 

The sudden appearance of the three rainbows, one after the other was nothing else, but witnessing the physical manifestation of the words and understanding the deeper meaning of what they said to me in my meditation, “we don’t tell lies. The truth is All That Is!”

We were both exhilarated, hysterical, stimulated, giddy, delirious, and perhaps even more… we didn’t know what we were feeling. We were unable to contain the emotions the entire episode triggered within us that we tried engaging ourselves to converse with each other but we couldn’t. That was an extraordinary magical moment that we experienced and we felt that our minds needed some time to process that. Once again I wished her and we hung up.

 I was completely dazed by the experience. No matter how much I tried shoving it out of my mind, I just could not kick that away. I immersed myself in some other work. Sometime later, she told me that her daughter gifted her three gifts for her birthday, and out of the three gifts, one gift was RAINBOW MAKER. The rainbows had become a frequent sight for her that day. 

The next day morning I woke up to her message. She had messaged me at 2:18 AM Dhaka time and the message was, “call me whenever you can!” so I called her at 1 pm. 

She grabbed the phone at the first ring and she sounded puzzled but at the same time, she was also enamored and besotted with the experience. Without giving me the chance to ask or say anything she began, “you know Savvy, that was not all. You knew the part of the picture until I  had received the rainbow maker as a birthday present from my daughter. I could not detach myself from the thought that how angels appeared to me in the form of rainbows and gave the reassurance that I am on the right path.” 

She said, “The appearance of the rainbows was a reminder that the stress or strain I may feel during the growth process is going to be worth it and that what I’m working towards is blessed and supported by the Universe.” She spoke further, that two hours later she decided to go on the same street and click for me the photos of the rainbows she saw on the pavement and the glass door of the book store. She went and walked the entire street thrice and to her surprise, there were no rainbows, neither on the pavement nor on the glass door of the book store. She said, “Savvy I grew up in London and I know each and every street and corner of London. I wasn’t hallucinating. I, for sure had witnessed three rainbows and two hours later there were none. The one in the sky I understand but what about the ones on the street and the door. ” 

She was stunned at the mystery of those rainbows appearing miraculously and then magically disappearing into the unknown. I was speechless. My intelligence failed to aid me to comprehend and interpret this entire supernatural and intangible incident. This truly was a very powerful Divine Encounter we both have undergone.  

I told her that I need time to absorb this. I know and I understand the way energies and these higher beings of light work but still, the mind is too impassive and numb to discern. I was elated for the kind of experience the universe exposed us to but at the same time, I was inquisitive to know more, so I connected again and asked the Spirit/Angels to explain to me what message or learning I have in this. 

I kept sitting with my eyes closed, waiting for the voice to say something. That’s when it felt as though my skull had exploded and God has come in. It appeared as though thousands of tiny chunks of it had shot into outer space. Very slowly, they started to get together again. But while my emotional brain was so sensitive, it seemed to be rewired, like I’d had some kind of psychic surgery. It felt like I became a different person. I was in God. And now I started hearing the voice again, “You are in God. God is the rock. There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. God is the love within you. Whether you “follow Him,” or think with love, is entirely up to you. When you prefer to love or to allow your senses to be one with God, then life is peaceful. When you turn away from love, the pain sets in. You think why the rainbows appeared to you, then to your friend and then how come the rainbows disappeared? You are doubting yourself by not trusting what your friend witnessed – the disappearance of the rainbows. Doubting means a lack of trust and surrender.” 

The voice further stated, “I have lit your mind Myself, and I keep your mind lit by My Light because My Light is what your mind is. Love is tangible. It’s an indefinite creation and nothing can obliterate it. Anything that isn’t love is a delusion. Remember this, and you’ll be at peace.” 

The voice continued, “The contrary of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. When you think with love, you are actually co-creating with God. And when you are not believing/thinking with love, since only love is real, then you are actually not understanding/thinking at all. You are hallucinating. And that’s what this planet is: a mass hallucination, where fear and comprehension looks more real than love. Fear is an illusion. Your absurdity, fearfulness, distress, and concussion are literally all imagined. That is not to say they don’t exist for you as human beings. They do. But your fear is not your absolute truth, and it does not replace the truth of who you really are. Your love, which is your real self, doesn’t die, but just goes underground.

 The shift from fear to love is a miracle. It doesn’t repair things on the earth plane; it deals with the actual source of your troubles, which is always on the level of consciousness. The only real problem is a lack of love. To address the world’s crises on any other level is an interim palliative—a fix but not healing, treatment of the symptom but not a cure. The thought is Cause; experience is Effect. If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking. Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven. A change in how you speculate about life generates a transition in how you experience it. Shutting your heart erodes your peace because it’s foreign to your nature. It covers you and turns you into a person you are not meant to be. Your true self is the love within you. You are the “child of God.” The fearful self is an imitator. The return to love is the huge cosmic drama, the unique voyage from semblance to self, from distress to inner peace. Only the radiance within you is the truth. So shine, shine the brightest and see the light in yourself, in everyone and everything.” 

After about fifteen minutes of substantial download and then the voice went quiet. It took me more than the usual time to return to my space. I usually am very fast at putting down the received information but this took me almost 10 days to frame it properly. I am glad that yet again, I am able to share with you the most significant message from the Creator of All That Is!

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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    August 17, 2020, 6:07 PM

    Considering this as non-fiction, I find such an article very hard to connect with. Having seen and understood the world work on the principles of Physics, a Q and A session with God during Meditation seems very hard to digest even as a possibility. I am sure that your experiences must have been very real for you and someone else can only understand them by experiencing them herself. But from my where I stand, it appears like a small boy is shouting that he saw a ghost. Have you read about the Placebo effect- your belief in the process is so strong that it actually makes the expected result real for you and in this case you hallucinate. Like I said, this is first time that I have heard of such practices and a further explanation can help me see things better. If you have time, please give a logical and scientific reasoning for the above. I would be really interested.

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