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Read More, Watch Less


Written by Vineet Sethi

We have very conveniently adapted to watch on our smartphones and other devices. A Business Insider report says 62 percent of mobile users in India watch videos on their devices. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case with reading. I hear various excuses like “it is not the same experience as reading a physical book,” — “reading requires an environment,” and so on.

Watching may give you information and entertainment. Reading, on the other hand, makes you smarter.

The Battle of Reading Vs. Watching: Which Is Better

Reading and watching are activities that require different mindsets. 

When you read

You absorb and process information at your own pace. Reading is great for learning concepts, analyzing data, and building vocabulary and comprehension skills.

When you watch something

However, it is usually because you want to grasp what may be trending. Watching something does not offer the same benefits as reading. However, it can be an efficient way of absorbing ideas, at least in some circumstances. 

Mostly, we watch either agitating news or paid and sponsored content.

Make an informed decision about which type of media is best for you. 

Reading Is Enriching:

  • Reading helps you learn new things. When you read, you engage your brain in a different way than if you watch something. Reading enables you to form new neural pathways and also triggers various hormones and chemicals in your brain than watching does. Reading activates the part of your brain that makes you more creative and imaginative.
  • Reading improves comprehension and vocabulary development. Reading might also help you improve your grammar and syntax, as you learn how to combine words into sentences more clearly. Whether you are learning a new subject in school or just trying to improve your language skills, reading is a great way to get exposure to new words. 
  • Reading helps you remember better than watching.
  • Understanding different cultures – reading classic literature or books set in other countries can help you learn more about other cultures. Reading might also help you understand your own culture better too.
  • Reading helps you grow your expertise in your field by diving into the subject matter and gaining a deeper understanding of your topic. 
  • Build reading speed – Reading improves your reading speed because it engages your mind differently than just listening to words or watching. 
  • Developing Creativity – Reading opens up your mind to creativity and helps you think of solutions to problems you encounter in everyday life. Reading about various concepts enables you to think outside the box.
  • Better Understanding  – Reading helps you better understand lessons you may be studying in school, which is especially helpful for a subject you do not care for. 
  • Gives You New Insight – Reading can help you learn more about any subject, enabling you to gain insights into your own experiences.

Summing up

Reading is a great way to improve your mind and expand your vocabulary while watching passively engages your conscious mind. There is nothing wrong with watching content occasionally, but reading is better for learning concepts, analyzing texts, and building vocabulary and comprehension skills.  

Reading can help you learn more about a subject and remember better.

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