Relationships and Bonding Beyond the Panorama July 18, 2020

Relationships and Bonding

While walking across the path of life, we stumble upon people who come from various places. We greet each other, we exchange thoughts, and suddenly we find an unbreakable bond being established that proves to be a strong thread of support while we are being criticized by our blood relatives for being incompetent.

 This is the story for most of us, who are reaching their mid-lives, who have struggled juggling different careers and nationalities. Our Mother Land is the best for us, this is what we are told, but once we are receptive towards the global platform as one, we realise how easy and fulfilling it is to be a global citizen.

Learn, adapt, and accomplish. These are the targets we set in our minds while starting off towards career building, keeping aside our values and priorities. And somehow, we find ourselves among situations that seem impossible to solve, to go back to being normal, being ourselves. 

The entire countable moves far away, then who gets you back to your roots? Who brings you out and says, “hey it’s fine, we will be out and shining once again.” Sadly, no one. 

Moral of the story is- keep a close watch on all those you care for, the ones you value most. Adding value to every bond you build, lest you wish to stand alone somewhere across the walk of life.

Nothing gets built or broken overnight, so ensure continuous efforts being made to retain all that you have achieved or been blessed with. 

And I really wish to thank and express my gratitude to all those who came and fulfilled my life with their companionship, emotional support, and kept me complete despite my limitations and inabilities.

Monica Suri
Monica Suri

Monica writes short stories about Vietnam and her experiences from travels across the world. 

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