Remember This While Writing Marketplace Content  Beyond the Panorama August 17, 2022

Remember This While Writing Marketplace Content 

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Love it, hate, you cannot ignore it. Marketplaces, especially the giant-est of them all – Amazon. 

As a D2C brand, you are most probably selling on your own website as well as popular marketplaces. If you have copy-pasted content from your website to the marketplaces, you might have gone slightly wrong. 

On your website, it’s all you. You can create an immersive experience for the user and delight him with striking motion graphics, stellar photography, customers raving about the product, and a lot more with nothing to distract potential customers

On marketplaces, you are just a bit constrained. That, and distractions. Competitor brands are probably bidding on your keywords too so a lot of your content marketing strategy has to be driven towards standing out

This is what you should remember while drafting yout marketplace content strategy. The focus should be on differentiation. Talk about why you product has the edge. How you do this subtly without explicitly having to say why your brand is better than brand X, is an art. 

An art we can definitely help you create.

At Beyond The Panorama, we work with businesses to develop their digital brand presence; a big part is content writing for various channels. If you want help to organize this business function, we would love to have a conversation and set it up! 

Reach out to us at or on our social media channels.

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